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Rebuilding Our Foundations Part 9: Solemn Assembly-Repentance & Revival

Kingdomlife Worship Service 1/8/2023

 Speaker: Minister Dana Brinson & Ministry Team

The Greatest

Gift of All

Kingdomlife Worship Service 12/25/2022

 Speaker: Pastor Norman Alston


2 Kingdomlife Worship Service 12/18/2022

 Speaker: Minister Mable Hunte

Rebuilding Our Foundations Part 8: Hearing the Word Brings Conviction and Celebration

 Kingdomlife Worship Service 12/11/2022

 Speaker: Doug Ruffin

Rebuilding Our Foundations Part 7: Provision For The House

 Kingdomlife Worship Service 12/4/2022

 Speaker: Pastor Tiffinnie Alston

Rebuilding Our Foundations Part 6: Spiritual Attack On Leadership

 Kingdomlife Worship Service 11/27/2022

 Speaker: Pastor Norman Alston

Message Series  

Rebilding Our Foundations Series

Speaker: Spencer Rogers, Jr. 

Founding Senior Pastor & Preaching Team


This series teaches us lessons from the book of Nehemiah how to rebuild the foundations of our church and personal lives based on biblical leadership and practical principles.

The Power of Movement Series

Speaker: Spencer Rogers, Jr. 

Founding Senior Pastor


This series teaches us how God honors the moves we make in following Him.