What We Believe

Built on the Foundation of Christ Hebrews 1:1-3 NIV

The Purpose of God

We affirm our belief in the one eternal God, Creator, and Lord of the world, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, who governs all things according to the purpose of his will. He has been calling out from the world a people for himself, and sending his people back into the world to be his servants and his witnesses, for the extension of his kingdom, the building up of Christ’s body, and the glory of his name. We confess that we have often denied our calling and failed in our mission, by becoming conformed to the world or by withdrawing from it. Yet we rejoice that in these earthen vessels a precious treasure. The task of making this treasure of the gospel of the kingdom known in the power of the Holy Spirit we desire to dedicate ourselves anew. 


We affirm that in the fullness of time, God fulfilled His prophetic promises of salvation by sending His only Son Jesus into the world. Conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary, as fully God and fully man in one person. He is humanity as God intended us to be. Jesus was anointed as God’s Messiah, and empowered by the Holy Spirit, inaugurating God’s kingdom reign on earth, overpowering the reign of Satan by resisting temptation, preaching the good news of salvation, healing the sick, casting out demons, and raising the dead.

The Holy Spirit

We affirm the Holy Spirit is co-equal with the Father and the Son as God. He convicts people’s hearts and brings them to repentance. He indwells those who confess that Jesus is Lord. We believe in the present ministry of the Spirit and in the exercise of all the biblical gifts of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit gives spiritual gifts to various members of the Church to build up the Body of Christ and to advance the kingdom of God.

The Authority and Power of the Bible

We affirm the divine inspiration, truthfulness, and authority of both Old and New Testament Scriptures in their entirety as the only written word of God, without error in all that it affirms, and the only infallible rule of faith and practice. We also affirm the power of God’s word to accomplish his purpose of salvation. The message of the Bible is addressed to all men and women. For God’s revelation in Christ and in Scripture is unchangeable. Through it, the Holy Spirit still speaks today. He illumines the minds of God’s people in every culture to perceive its truth freshly through their own eyes and thus discloses to the whole Church ever more of the many-colored wisdom of God. 


We affirm humans, both male, and female were created in God’s image for His glory. The first humans, Adam and Eve, were created without sin and appointed as caretakers of the rest of God’s creations.

The Fall

We affirm when Adam and Eve chose not to obey God, they ceased to be what they were made to be and became distorted images of God. This caused them to fall out of fellowship with God and fractured all of creation ever since that time.


We affirm Jesus Christ came to reconcile us with God. He lived a life without sin and willingly died on the cross to pay the penalty for our transgressions. God raised him from the dead and now, by grace, offers as a free gift eternal life to all who follow Christ, by faith, as their Lord and Savior. That is why salvation can be found in Christ alone. He is the eternal Messiah-King, advancing God’s reign throughout every generation and throughout the whole earth today.

The Church

We affirm the gathering of His disciples, Jesus birthed His Church to be the instrument of His kingdom. The Church is meant to be the visible body of Christ, sent into the world to glorify God, and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ-the gospel of the kingdom.

The Resurrection

We affirm the second coming of Christ includes the rapture and a return to earth by Christ with His saints for a thousand-year reign. There will be a resurrection to judge both the living and the dead and usher in the fullness of God’s kingdom on earth.